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We are proud to support future talent at South Devon College

We are proud to support future talent at South Devon College. The Friends of South Devon College works to provide bursaries and grants to students of South Devon College whose choices and opportunities are limited by circumstances. Demands on the charity are high as a significant proportion of students come from low-income households or have additional support needs.

We are using this opportunity to raise money and awareness and to appeal to contribute to the charity, enabling us to give our students a helping hand.

What they say;

We are a charity that aims to help disadvantaged students at times of personal crisis, so they can carry on with their studies. We believe that education is a way to improve life chances, but some students face barriers like homelessness, domestic violence, child poverty and mental health issues that make it hard to study.

We raise money to provide support and intervention at these critical times of need. Support is given with the help of the Positive Intervention Team at the college. Examples of our support include warm clothes, emergency housing, free breakfast, free transport, counselling and mental health first aid. There are a growing number of students in need, so we need to raise more funds to provide critical support.

THANK YOU….. for choosing to support the Friends of South Devon College

Friends of South Devon College
Vantage Point Long Road

T: 01803 540395 or 540622
E: [email protected]

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