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SWMAS has been helping companies streamline processes, increase productivity, reduce waste, and maximise profits for over 20 years.

SWMAS identifies the current opportunities and challenges being faced by firms through sector-specific market intelligence. This
valuable insight is used to design and deliver flexible, funded programmes (on behalf of Government, Local Enterprise Partnerships, and other organisations) that address the needs that have been highlighted.

When it comes to net zero, many firms have said that they don’t know where to start and are daunted by the sheer amount, and complexity, of information out there. Therefore, SWMAS wanted to offer meaningful (and straightforward) support to help them pro-actively implement necessary change ahead of future legislation.

Through ‘Make it Net Zero’, businesses can calculate their current carbon footprint as a benchmark for improvement and develop an ongoing Decarbonisation Plan with support from our team of dedicated Net Zero Specialists.


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