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Konsileo Insurance

Our local brokers focus and priorities lie with providing the best data-enabled tools and service. Our cutting-edge, end-to-end broking platform, reduces process effort by half, enabling our brokers to spend much more time working with you and your business needs.

In addition to these process innovations, we have also turned the broking organisational model on its head. We believe that great insurance brokers build strong advisory relationships through expertise, and so need to be trusted to deploy that expertise in an authentic and personal way.

Our brokers are trusted, have access to the whole of the market with no restrictions and nurture the often-jeopardised, client-broker relationship.

Whilst we are striving to be the most technology enabled broking firm in the world, our vision is that the technology and data will be there to support and augment our broker’s client relationship, never to replace it.

Konsileo Insurance

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