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IMPACT Torbay is a series of free-to-join growth services aimed at helping businesses and entrepreneurs in the Torbay area create new commercial opportunities and solve fundamental business challenges through innovation — as well as building the innovation capabilities to do this repeatedly.

At Studio Zao, our mission is to make innovation more efficient, less wasteful, and deliver higher and consistent return on investment.
Studio Zao is a dynamic consultancy specialising in productive innovation and growth. We help organisations of all sizes to make better decisions on how to achieve their aims and solve challenges, opening up new opportunities through tried-and-tested structures, world leading thought and experience, and by prioritising outcomes and value for those we support.

We have developed and run numerous growth programmes in a diverse and varied range of industries, locations and sectors. Our team is made up of practical, no-nonsense individuals driven by the desire to provide useful, tangible support to clients and business ecosystems in a new, engaging way.

Innovation is a great way to bring people together – Our involvement in this initiative has been made possible through the United Kingdom Shared Prosperity Fund (UKSPF). As the successor to the European Union Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF), the UKSPF is a strategic funding mechanism established by the UK government to support regional development and foster economic growth. With a focus on reducing regional disparities and promoting shared prosperity, the UKSPF provides the resources for initiatives like ours to empower local businesses, drive innovation, and create sustainable opportunities for growth. We’re excited to be working with Torbay Council to build a repeatable growing ecosystem tailored to the coastal Torbay community, that organisations in the local area will be able to access to help explore new challenges and tackle pressing problems.


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